Engineering Club begins at Jenison High School

This Fall Mrs. Osterberg started our Engineering Club.  This club is for any high school student that is interested in building, assembling, constructing, robotics, STEM, or exploring engineering as a possible career. Right now, we have about 60 students involved in the club. On average, 35 members attend our general meetings.

Our mission is to apply science, technologies, engineering, and math to create solutions for the betterment of our school and community.

●  The club is student-led by a talented student board: Jim Groelsma (President), Bryce Nicholson, Eva Russo, Alex Stockholm, Shane Watrous, and Ashley Wright.

●  The club is a hands-on club where students are challenged to think creatively to solve problems through design challenges.

    • ○  Bridge Building Challenge
    • ○  Tinkercad
    • ○  3D Printed Keychain Design
    • ○  Guest speakers
    • ○  Field Trips
    • ○  Big Design Project for School/Community

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